June 14, 2021

Ordinary Vegan Podcast #2: Vegan Protein

Most vegans will agree that the first question we are ever asked about our diet is “where do you get your protein?” I don’t know how the vegan protein myth got started, but getting enough protein on a vegan diet is simple. Somehow we’ve been misled and protein became synonymous with animal products like meat and dairy. That’s the brilliance of advertising. Learn all the available sources of plant-based protein on today’s podcast. A full protein list is also available on Ordinary Vegan’s website. Looking for a a delicious, 15-minute vegan meal for energy. Today’s show features one of Ordinary Vegan’s favorite recipes – Cannellini Beans, Greens and Hemp Seeds. Here is the recipe link. Hope you enjoy today’s podcast episode. Our goal is to teach you how to improve your health and wellness with a plant-based diet and give you all the tools you need. Thanks for being part of our healthy community!