June 14, 2021

Ordinary Vegan Podcast #31: The Best Food For Flu Season & To Boost Your Immune System

Flu season is on track to be the worst in nearly a decade. The CDC (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention) has reported that there have been over 56,000 flu-related deaths, 710,000 people hospitalized and 16 million who sought care from a clinician or hospital so far this season. 

Many doctors and researchers are scratching their heads about why there are so many viruses and trying to combat the flu involves a fair amount of guesswork. 

On today’s podcast, we discuss a common food additive called trehalose that has been making headlines because of some recent scientific evidence.

What scientists found out is that pathogens like a virus, bacteria or fungus in our body, can be boosted by this additive and might be driving the rise of one of the most aggressive superbugs. 

We also discuss the best food to consume during flu season and to fight infections anytime of the year. 

Ordinary Vegan also shares her soup recipe that can help combat the flu, common cold and infections. 

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