June 19, 2021

Ordinary Vegan Podcast #35: Brain Disease, Symptoms, Prevention & Growing Brain Cells

With the sharp rise in dementia and other brain disorders, it is vital to do everything we can to prevent brain disease. In this week’s podcast, we learn brain disease symptoms and how to grow healthy brain cells for extra protection.

Many people understand the importance of having a healthy body, but many overlook the value of brain health. The human brain is an exceptional and complex mechanism, and we need to treat it with the utmost respect.

Brain scientists in recent years have discovered a number of surprising ways our brain affects our overall health. Some scientists even believe we have the ability to grow healthy neurons.

Today, we explore all the possibilities of cranial fitness to help you live a long, healthy, cognitive life.

We also go into Ordinary Vegan’s kitchen and make a recipe to keep your brain free of toxins.

Thanks so much for listening and for being part of our healthy community.

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