June 14, 2021

Ordinary Vegan Podcast #36: Vegan Cooking & Essential Ingredients For The Vegan Pantry

Most of my podcasts are centered around nutrition and the value of a plant-based diet to help you live a long, healthy life, but today I want to get back to the basics. 

When you first begin experimenting with a plant-based diet, it can be confusing. What are the essentials to buy? How do I  properly cook those essentials? And what foods are needed to keep your family healthy and energized?

Those topics are also helpful for anyone who has been practicing a vegan diet for some years because slowing down and re-evaluating how we do things can improve our approach to a plant-based lifestyle.

In today’s podcast, we learn what vegan essentials we need to stock and techniques to properly cook those essentials.  

We also explore cooking with fresh and dried herbs.

Herbs add flavor and brightness to any meal but maximizing that flavor is something that most of us have never been taught. In this podcast, we will learn the difference between delicate and hardy herbs and how to store, prepare, and cook with those herbs. 

Last but not least, today we visit Ordinary Vegan’s kitchen not once, but twice and create two of my favorite breakfast recipes; Vegan Fried Egg with a runny center and my favorite Mediterranean Vegan Omelet. 

There is much to cover, so this will be Part-1 of my series on vegan cooking. Please make sure you come back for more.

Thanks so much for listening and for being part of our healthy community.

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