May 8, 2021

Ordinary Vegan Podcast #39: Eating Animals The Movie

The documentary film, Eating Animals, begins with a simple question: where does our meat, eggs, and dairy come from? It then takes us on a eye-opening journey of today’s industrial animal agriculture.

Eating Animals, is a enlightening movie about the environmental, economic and public health consequences of factory farming in America. It is slated to hit theaters across the country this month. 

The film is produced and narrated by actress Natalie Portman, based on the best selling book by Jonathan Safran Foer and directed by Christopher Dillon Quinn.

It received high praises from film festivals across the country including a standing ovation at the 2017 Telluride Film Festival.

Director Christopher Dillon Quinn tells the story of factory farming through intimate narratives of farmers, breeders, and activists dedicated to bringing their trade and the way we eat back to its roots.

In today’s podcast, we discuss the making of Eating Animals and the state of industrial farming in America with the director Christopher Dillon Quinn.

In addition to Eating Animals, Christopher Dillon Quinn directed the award-winning documentary “God Grew Tired Of Us” about the lost boys of Sudan.

We also get to hear from the best-selling author behind the film,  Jonathan Safran Foer. Eating Animals is Jonathan’s third book.

A Los Angeles Times article stated that Eating Animals contains “the kind of wisdom that deserves a place at the table with our greatest philosophers.”

In a Huffington Post article, Natalie Portman claimed that the book was so compelling that she went from a twenty-year vegetarian to a vegan activist.

According to a piece by the New Yorker, the power of the book lies in its ability to discuss why humans can be so loving to their companion animals while simultaneously being completely indifferent to the ones they eat.

Eating Animals opens in theaters on June 15. You can find out cities and dates here.



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