May 8, 2021

Ordinary Vegan Podcast #43: Cooking With Plants

Cooking with plants is a lifestyle that can be enjoyed full or part-time. Even adding two or three plant-based meals to your diet every week can have significant health benefits.

A recent study published in the Journal of The American Heart Association revealed that swapping one or two servings of animal protein for plant protein could lead to a reduction in three main cholesterol markers for cardiovascular disease. 

Another study suggests that eating only one cup of leafy greens a day could slow the rate of memory decline in older adults. 

Today’s podcast is devoted to getting back to the basics of cooking with plants. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The methods of cooking that we discuss today provide maximum nutrition and satiate without a lot of time or energy. The kind of nutrition that makes you want to run up a mountain and not take a nap.

So please join me today and learn how to create delicious nutritious one-pot meals and easy steps to building a vegan burger. 

You can find today’s recipes, One Pot Vegan Chickpea Cauliflower & Sweet Potato Stew & Vegan Black Bean Burger here.

I hope you enjoyed today’s podcast. My number one goal is to keep you as healthy as possible.

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